PhD thesis proposal : Acoustic imaging for industrial and medical applications

3 Years - Début : October
Deadline for applications : July 20, 2021
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The objective of this thesis is to synthesise the know-how of the two laboratories, with the aim of proposing methodological developments at the intersection of medical and industrial applications. The techniques implemented are generally very different: medical applications are most often active, ultrasonic, with an exploitation of the time of flight to locate the sources in real time. Industrial applications are generally passive and in the audible spectrum, with potentially heavy post-processing calculations. However, many difficulties are common, such as the strong under-determination of the identification problem, the 3D imaging problems or the lack of knowledge of the propagation environment. It should be noted that the idea of bringing together the fields of application in acoustic imaging is not completely new, we can cite the recent thesis of M. Bilodeau of GAUS or the work of E. Rustighi visiting professor at the LVA in 2018 on the imaging of basements.

Duration: CDD 3 years, from october 2021

Formations requises :

Master level in acoustics or signal processing. Interest in medical research and/or NDT

Compétences requises :

The subject of the thesis requires a significant bibliographical effort, in order to understand the contexts and problems of the different application fields (industrial and medical). The state of the art obtained will allow us to compare the different approaches in order to identify the most relevant advances in one field from which the other could benefit. One possible approach would be to take into account the uncertainties in the imaging method, for example the uncertainties in the propagation speed in the medium in general ultrasound medical imaging, considered to be spatially constant.
The proposals can then be validated numerically and experimentally. The PhD student will have access to the antenna test facilities available at the LVA and CREATIS. He/she will also have access to databases of industrial application cases.
A scientific stay at the University of Sherbrooke (GAUS laboratory in Quebec) in the framework of the IRP CAC (Centre Acoustique Jacques Cartier) is possible and will be strongly encouraged.

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Remuneration: CeLyA scholarship, €1,758 per month