Emanuele SARPERO : Non-linear acoustic behaviors in a lined flow duct

from 11/04/2022 to 10/04/2025
date of defence :

Laboratories : LMFA and LTDS (ECL/ENTPE) thesis supervisors : Marie-Annick Galland, Didier Dragna, Emmanuel Gourdon

Abstract :
Reducing the noise radiated by a duct in the presence of flow is a problem encountered in many industrial applications. This is for example the case of jet engine nacelles, exhaust pipes and ventilation systems. In some cases, high sound pressure levels are generated in the duct (up to 170 dB in nacelles). The main objective of this thesis is to define effective control strategies to reduce the noise in this context. A study of non-linear effects encountered in the propagation of acoustic waves in a lined flow duct will be conducted. This study will be performed both experimentally and numerically.