Loïc ALEXANDRE : Active control of synthesized acoustic field in a listening room

from 01/10/2021 to 30/09/2024
including a research stay (about 6 months) at the University of Sherbrooke

Laboratories : ANR FAST project which brings together the CITI-Lab of INSA Lyon, the GRAME-CNCM and the LMFA thesis director : Mme. Galland Marie-Annick supervising : Mr. Lecomte Pierre

Summary :
The main objective this thesis is to propose robust methods for active control of an acoustic field over a large area, based in particular on approaches using modal decomposition of the acoustic field (radiation modes, spherical harmonics, SVD). In practice, a microphone array is used to capture the acoustic field radiated by a source (machinery, human voice, etc.) in the listening room. This information is then used as an input to active control algorithms, which, with the help of a loudspeaker array, synthesize a target acoustic field in a given area of the listening room.