From January 3, 2022 to January 14, 2022

Dead line septembre 30,  2021
on the site of the university of saint etienne

- Short and intense training
- 2 weeks > 80 hours of class + tutored project
- Every January at the University of Lyon/Saint-Etienne by the Sensory Neuro-Ethology Team of the Neuro-PSI ENES laboratory.
- Pedagogical team made up of researchers from the Neuro-PSI laboratory and outside.
- Open to scientists in training (PhDs, Masters), researchers in post, engineers in engineering offices, veterinarians in training or in activity, wildlife managers, members of associations for the protection of nature, etc...

Teaching objectives

Training in scientific issues and the use of bioacoustic tools.
At the end of the training, the following skills will have been acquired:
- to know how to use the basic equipment necessary for any study in bioacoustics (digital tape recorder, microphones, loudspeakers);
- to have acquired basic knowledge of sound as well as the rudiments of signal processing (use of software such as PRAAT and Seewave);
- be able to set up a bioacoustic study (scientific question, protocol, carrying out experiments, analysis of results);
- have a general knowledge of the world of bioacoustics and its interests, both in basic and applied research.

The two week training is concluded by a written and oral exam, and successful students will receive a certification in bioacoustics by the University of Lyon/Saint-Etienne.


Nicolas Mathevon, Professor, University of Lyon/Saint-Etienne (Neuro-PSI)
Frédéric Sèbe, Senior Lecturer, University of Lyon/Saint-Etienne (Neuro-PSI)

Applications for the 2022 session (January 3-14) will open in April (deadline: September 30, 2021).
Tuition fees: 1200 € (excluding housing & meals)
Discount rates for students registered at the University of Lyon/Saint-Etienne

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