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PSV-400-M2-20 High Frequency Scanning Vibrometer 24MHz

 upgrade to M2-20 in July 2020 from a PSV400-B purchased from the LVA in 2014
Special feature: Measurements up to 24 MHz in displacement, 2.5 MHz in speed.
For more information see the technical notice clic

Contact for booking : Céline sandier or Kerem Ege

EYE traker Eyelink

 The EyeLink 1000 Plus is a precise and accurate video eye tracker, sampling binocularly at up to 2000 Hz. It is also a flexible and customizable eye tracker, with multiple mounting options, interchangeable lenses, and multiple free-range head configurations.
The EyeLink 1000 Plus offers good precision and accuracy, with low spatial noise and high sampling rates, in remote mode with or without head support.
Fast, accurate and reliable eye tracking for a wide range of populations, from infants to the elderly to non-human species.

For more information see the technical notice clic

Contact for booking : Marie Avillac et Nicolas Grimault

Portable ultrasound

 Portable clinical ultrasound device for cardiovascular ultrasound imaging. It provides high quality images as well as deformation imaging tools. Its portability facilitates clinical examinations, educational demonstrations, and in vitro experiments.
The EchoPAC software allows measurements of standard clinical parameters, and calculation of cardiac deformations. Ultrasound data can be saved before scan-conversion to HDF format, to be post-processed for research purposes (e.g. segmentation, deformations, blood flow, ...)

Contact for booking and using EchoPAC : Adeline Bernard

Help with saving and reading HDF files : Damien Garcia

This equipment should be used under the supervision of a cardiologist for all clinical use. The EchoPAC software must be used in Creatis
according to the conditions of access/use of the CREATIS PILOT plateform

Research ultrasound Ula-Op 256 voices

This ultrasound scanner is an open platform that allows access to raw data (pre- and post-beamforming, IQ) and to parameterise different imaging sequences such as plane wave imaging with compounding
It has 256 parallel channels and a sampling rate of 78 MHz. Linear, convex and phased array probes are available for this device
This device can be shared, it can be used independently (after a one-day training by CREATIS staff). A free control software is to be installed on a PC to control it via USB
The ultrasound scanner is not CE certified.

Contact for booking : Adeline Bernard - according to the conditions of access/use of the CREATIS PILOT plateform

Neonatal head and brain phantom for ultrasound imaging

 This brain phantom, customised with lesions, reproduces internal structures such as the corpus callosum, ventricles, choroid plexus, etc., to be imaged by ultrasound
This device can be shared. It can be used independently after a one-hour training by CREATIS staff.
For more information, please consult the technical notice : clic
Contact for booking : Adeline Bernard - according to the conditions of access/use of the CREATIS PILOT plateform

US multiplexed matrix probe

Ability to drive and control a fully populated 3D probe (1024 elements) or a reduced version (256 or 512 elements) in transmission and reception (3MHz, PRF up to 10kHz, penetration up to 15cm in soft tissue)

Can be used with 1, 2 or 4 Verasonics systems

Contact for booking : Adeline Bernard

Help for use : Francois Varray

according to the conditions of access/use of the CREATIS PILOT plateform

Multi-plane ultrasonic probe

Ultrasound probe allowing the acquisition of 3 adjacent imaging planes
Prototype (only one copy), compatible with Ultrasonix ultrasound scanners
Use only on the Pilot platform, with the help of a staff, suivant les conditions d’accès/d’utilisation de la plateforme PILOT de Creatis

Navy: demonstration mannequin

This dummy, connected by wifi to a tablet, allows the user to visualise on the tablet screen the structures of the ear and the brain activated during an auditory stimulation.
Allow half an hour's training to get to grips with the equipment

Contact for booking : Fabien Perrin

Mannequin Kemar Gras

 Acoustic dummy for binaural recording
Packaging of AC or IEPE microphones

Preferential use on the Centrale Lyon site - prior training 1/2 days
location: ECL - bat H10 listening room

Contact for booking : Pascal Souchotte

Beta cabin, cabin for vibroacoustic characterisation of academic materials and structures

Equipment for the vibro-acoustic characterisation of reasonable sample sizes. It allows the identification of absorption loss coefficients as well as the characterisation of transmission loss.
Sample holder manufactured in-house to accommodate walls from additive manufacturing.
Some sensors are to be analysed in order to complete the characterisation to be carried out
On-site use, location: Ecole Centrale Lyon - Building H10, 36 Avenue Guy de Collongue
69134 ECULLY Cedex
Contact for booking : Mohamed Ichchou et Daniel Juvé

Wheel/rail acoustic roughness measurement systems for railways

Acoustic" roughness is the variation in height of the wheel (circumferential profile) or rail (longitudinal profile) running surface, responsible for the vibratory excitation at the wheel/rail contact when a vehicle is running on the rail, expressed as a function of the distance along the wheel circumference or the rail length. The roughness spectrum is the amplitude of the roughness expressed as a function of the wavelength. It can be determined by spectral analysis from the measurement of roughness in the spatial domain.
Two systems allow the measurement of these roughnesses: (i) a rail roughness measurement system (see using an acceleration sensor attached to a mobile system that is moved manually along the rail (trolley); the system allows the measurement of sub-micrometre amplitudes of defects at wavelengths between a few millimetres and several metres, (ii) a wheel roughness measurement system (https://www. based on a fixed system with several displacement sensors in contact with the wheel which is manually rotated; the system allows the measurement of sub-micrometre defects at wavelengths of a few millimetres.

The system can be used on embedded rails (grooved) such as tramways for the problems of environmental vibrations due to transport

the systems are available for sharing and can be transported for in situ or laboratory measurements; give sufficient notice to reserve the equipment.
For the first uses, allow for a short "training" period.

Contact for booking : Olivier Chiello

High-speed camera Photron SA-Z

high-speed camera with 64GB memory, full frame rate 20kHz

localization : ECL - bat I11

Contact for booking : Thomas Castelain

Laser : MESA-PIV

double cavity laser with max repetition rate per cavity: 20 kHz
laser safety + 1 hour for explanation of communication method with laser power supply
provide suitable transport as the equipment is very bulky and heavy (approx. 1m3 and 100 kg)

localization : ECL - bat H10

Contact for booking : Thomas Castelain

PULSE system LAN-XI BK 128 voies

High frequency acquisition system Fe=102400Hz - 24 bits - 128 channels integrating 126 acquisition channels and 2 generation channels
Possibility of splitting the system into two independent systems of 64 acquisition channels and 62 acquisition channels + 2 generation channels / Two portable control PCs

Preferential use by the three geographical entities mentioned above - prior training: 1/2 days

localization : IFSTTAR-Bron / LVA-INSA Lyon / LMFA-Centrale Lyon (according to the test campaigns)

Contact for booking : Pascal Souchotte

fNIRS system

Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy  - marque NIRx
Functional brain imaging using an optical, non-invasive, completely silent method to measure the hemodynamic response associated with neuronal activity.
System with 8 transmitters and 12 receivers.

localization : Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences de Lyon (CRNL), équipe Perception, Attention, Mémoire (PAM), Centre Hospitalier le Vinatier (Bâtiment 452)

Conditions of use: Possible collaboration with the team, prior training essential

Contact for booking : Anne Caclin



Large volume chamber (usable volume dimensions : 8,6 m x 6,4 m x 4 m), with a cut-off frequency of about 80 Hz.
localization : bâtiment E. Deroche, INSA-Lyon

Conditions of use: can be booked in advance at:

Excitateur 6 axes - Equipex Phare 3 - LaMCoS - INSA Lyon

  A yellow cube riddled with a network of base tappings placed on a 41-tonne steel and concrete mass, itself mounted on pneumatic suspensions... No, this is not a new generation of magician's box, but an exciter capable of shaking 450 kg in six degrees of freedom. Installed at INSA Lyon, this high-capacity test platform, known as "PHARE-3", is part of the PHARE team whose objective is to develop the rotating machines of the future....... lire la suite

localization : INSA Lyon

Contact for booking :  Eric Chatelet et Régis Dufour