From May 21, 2021 to May 23, 2021

Site of the Museum and archaeological area of Saint-Romain-en-Gal/Vienna

The Pop' Sciences festival takes place every two years. It was created in 2017 and aims to "import" science into popular neighbourhoods to meet local audiences. Back on previous editions: 2017 - Lyon 7 - Sergent Blandan: 1200 visitors - 120 speakers - 37 events / 2019 - Lyon 9 - La Duchère: 1500 visitors (including 300 schoolchildren) - 230 speakers - 48 events

This year's theme is: Perpetual Flow ....
And if we took the time to observe, contemplate, exchange and debate with the researchers of the University of Lyon.

Take the time to :

  • take a closer look at the traces of ancient worlds, listen to the sounds of the past, search for the roots of the Earth;
  • to think about our mobility, tomorrow's agriculture, sustainable tourism, teleworking, the remains of digital worlds and artificial intelligence;
  • to debate on the place of researchers and knowledge in a society that did not think it was suspended by a virus, on intergenerational links, on the desires of youth;

Concerning the 2021 edition, the University of Lyon has committed to invest the territory over one year, upstream with work carried out with local socio-cultural or educational structures (hosting exhibitions, involvement of classes in research projects, Science Shop, involvement in the next Science Festival, privileged welcome of the inhabitants of the territory to the actors of the Pop Sciences network (laboratories, observatory of St Genis Laval, Planetarium of Vaulx en Velin, ......)

During the Festival, with exchanges between researchers and local inhabitants (restitution of projects carried out during the year by local actors and researchers, enhancement of places or routes, several places around the archaeological site will be invested (museum, theater, church, cloister, library .........)

After the festival, the UDL proposes to continue the link created beyond the festival's high point.

Calendar :

If you wish to get involved upstream with local actors, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can forward your requests to the UDL,
- Creation of the pairs from June to August
- Implementation of projects from September to April
- Choice of the places at the end of November

If you wish to propose a workshop or a walk, not prepared with local actors, within the framework of the work carried out by your Laboratory during the 1, 2 or 3 days of the Festival :
Launch of the call for participation in November
Closing of files before the December holidays

for more information: agnes.delebassee-nabet@ec-lyon.fr

See the previous editions on the Pop Sciences website (information about the upcoming 2021 Festival) : clic