Intergenerational workshop: Sound in all its states: from its emission to its perception

On The April 19, 2021

from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Ecole Centrale Lyon
6 avenue Guy de Collongue, 69130 Ecully
Proposed by Vincent Clair, Senior Lecturer, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics (LMFA) - Labex CeLyA - University of Lyon

What is sound?

This workshop will present how sound is produced, how it propagates in the environment and how it is perceived.
The description of a sound (or noise) measured by a device (microphone or sound level meter) will show the differences between certain sound sources (guitar, gong, flute).
Demonstrations and workshops will be proposed in different acoustic rooms of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (deaf room, reverberation room and listening room). They will illustrate certain noise sources, the location of a sound source, the reproduction of a sound environment with loudspeakers and how to reduce or protect oneself from noise.

This workshop, Inter-generation, is proposed within the framework of the Open University Lyon 1.
It is open to 6 childrens from 8 to 12 years old and 6 accompanying adults.
Registration is mandatory at the Open University: here