Three notes for a brain - Prix Célest1 Maquette

The project "three notes for a brain" directed by Pauline Hercule and Pierre Germain - Compagnie Germ36, inspired by the book La Symphonie neuronale which has just been published by Humensciences, (Emmanuel Bigand and Barbara Tillmann) won the Célest1 prize, in the Model section.

This competition, open for the 2nd year, is organized by the Théâtre des Célestins de Lyon in partnership with the Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse.
It was set up to identify dramatic artists and introduce them to the public and is open to theatrical companies from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.
Two categories of selection are proposed :
- The presentation of a model, prefiguration of a show in progress, in improved rehearsal conditions.
- The performance of a show already created ("Large Format")
The presentations take place at the Célestins, in the Célestine room.

What is the music for? No doubt you would be tempted to answer that it is a pleasant hobby or an art, but nothing really essential.
For the first time, a book demonstrates the opposite. Music is a biological necessity for human beings: it helps build our brain and has probably played a decisive role in the survival of the species.
By recounting the major scientific discoveries of the last twenty years, the authors explain how music connects, even before birth, our cognitive intelligence with our emotional intelligence, and creates a "neural symphony" with multiple benefits for education and health throughout life. Music contributes to a child's development, fosters sociability, and is an excellent academic support. It helps to fight cognitive aging and to remedy brain pathologies.
Enjoy the power of music too!

Emmanuel Bigand was an orchestral musician and is now a professor of cognitive psychology, member of the Institut universitaire de France attached to the CNRS laboratory of learning and development in Dijon. He specializes in the study of the cognitive processes involved in the perception of music.

Barbara Tillmann is director of research at the CNRS at the Neuroscience Research Center in Lyon. Her work has helped to reveal the beneficial role of music in the treatment of certain cognitive disorders. She has been awarded the CNRS silver medal 2016.

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