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Master of Science in Acoustics

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The Master's degree in Acoustics is a two-year graduate program offered by the Université de Lyon, in the framework of the Centre Lyonnais d'Acoustique, a partnership between the main research teams working in acoustics in Lyon. The program is coordinated by the Ecole Centrale de Lyon and Polytech-Lyon (the engineering school of the Université Lyon 1), in collaboration with the Insa-Lyon and the ENTPE.

Purpose of the training:
The Lyon Acoustics Master's degree aims to train industry executives, researchers and teacher-researchers to work in the field of acoustics or vibration in an international context.
First of all, it is therefore a training in scientific acoustics for industry and research: at the end of the training, students are able to approach and deal with industrial acoustic problems, and are able to invest more specifically in research and development problems. This requires, in addition to specialized training in acoustics, a basic general training in mechanics to understand the problems in their entirety.
At the same time, the training aims to provide students with an industrial awareness and a level of scientific communication, particularly in English, enabling them to integrate professionally into a study, development or research department, in a company or on academic laboratory abroad.

Professional opportunities :
The professional opportunities offered by this Master's degree in Acoustics from Lyon mainly concern:
- the R&D departments of major industrial groups in the energy and transport sectors,
- consulting firms and research offices in acoustics or vibration, and acoustics industry,
- research through a doctoral thesis pursuit in a research laboratory or in partnership with industry.

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Signature of the Double Master agreement between ECL Lyon and the University of Adelaide

During the visit to Australia of Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, a double master's degree agreement was signed between the University of Adelaide (MEng Mechanical) represented by Pascale Quester, Vice-President, and the Ecole centrale de Lyon (Master of Acoustics, Lyon) represented by Professor Richard Perkins.

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The Acoustic Master has been labelled IDEXLYON at the beginning of January 2018.
The IDEXLYON labelled Masters are courses with a strong international focus. These courses reinforce the excellence of the University of Lyon and are part of its three major academic axes: Biomedical and Social, Science and Engineering, Humanity and Urban Planning.
19 Masters have been accredited in 2018, these training courses are supported by IDEXLYON.

International Master of Bioacoustics - MoBi

Bioacoustics, the science of animal sounds, is a booming scientific field, with very strong academic and applied career potential. As bioacoustics become used in a wider range of fields, new sub-disciplines are regularly emerging (e.g. eco-acoustics, animal / machine interactions, freshwater acoustics, welfare acoustics etc.) leading to a steady diversification in academic and applied job profiles, supported by positions and funding.

The International Master of Bioacoustics (MoBi), a unique one year international and excellence training programme entirely taught in English, welcomes French and international students from diverse academic backgrounds: acoustics, ethology, ecology, biological conservation, evolution, neuroscience, informatics...

The aim of the MoBi program is to provide thorough knowledge and skills for students aspiring to access doctoral training in bioacoustics-related fields, as well as for scientists (e.g. neuroscientists, conservationists, etc) or environmental consultants aiming to incorporate bioacoustics in their skillset.

Organised by David Reby and Nicolas Mathevon of the ENES lab, it is a highly competitive international graduate course (max 20 students). It is structured according to the European Credit Transfer System with 60 credits over two semesters of full-time studies. It is mainly taught on site at the University of St Etienne in France.

MoBi corresponds to a second year in the French master curriculum (master 2 - M2). It is currently a pathway (parcours) of the Master of Ethology of the university of Saint-Etienne. It is also a pathway (parcours) of the International Master of Acoustics of the university of Lyon since sept. 2022. However, it is not necessary to have followed the M1 of the Master of Ethology or the M1 of the international master of Acoustics to apply.

MoBi leads to the award of the French national master's degree in Ethology (bioacoustics pathway) as well as the University Diploma in Advanced Bioacoustics of the University Jean Monnet.

MoBi is opened to:
- French students with a science master's degree (minimum M1 or equivalent)
- International students with minimum BSc degree (180 ECTS)

All with eligible qualifications are welcome to apply (if in doubt, please contact us)!

If you are not eligible, looking for a shorter training opportunity in Bioacoustics, or simply interested in a 'taster session" before joining the Master, you may consider the Bioacoustics Winter School, a highly popular University Diploma organised over two weeks each January by the ENES team.

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