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Scientific program

Acoustics is mainly an interdisciplinary field, at crossroads between several scientific disciplines : solid and fluid mechanics, material sciences, signal and image processing, physiology and psychology, cognitive sciences....

CeLyA is unique in France as it brings together specialists from all these fields. Collaborations between them are very fruitful from a scientific point of view, but also for the practical applications of acoustics.

Three main topics of an acoustic phenomena

The scientific program developed in CeLyA promotes this interdisciplinary approach. It is organised in three main topics : noise sources, wave propagation and effects of sound on humans and animals. For each of these topics, the project is focused on activities for which the skills of Celya teams are particularly relevant.

Noise sources :

The knowledge of sources is one of our main fields of study. Several aspects are addressed : physical modelling, numerical computation and experimental characterization (through inverse methods). These sources can have a solid nature (e.g. friction noise) or a fluid one (aeroacoustic source). Finally, the control of these sources is also studied.

Propagation :

Studies are partly devoted to the modelisation of propagation in the middle and high frequency range. This issue is important for industrial companies, because the accuracy of existing methods is still too low to allow them to use prediction tools. CeLyA also focuses on propagation in heterogeneous media, which can be biological tissues or the atmosphere (long-distance propagation of sound).

Effect on humans and animals :

Research deals with hearing impairment, annoyance or effects of sound on health. Other fields are related to therapeutic effects of ultrasounds, improvement of medical imagery techniques and product sound quality applications.

In all studies, the uncertain (or random) nature of sources or propagation media is considered.