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Awards and medals

The young researcher award

The Young Researcher Award, currently supported by the Metropolis of Lyon and created in the 1980s by the City of Lyon, aims to promote the excellence of fundamental and applied research in the laboratories of the University of Lyon.
Each year, some fifty young researchers submit their applications.
The prizes are awarded to post-doctoral students under 35 years of age in three areas covering all disciplinary fields: health and society; science and engineering; humanities and urbanity.

Christophe Droz, currently a post-doctoral student at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), was awarded the Science and Engineering 2020 Prize for his work entitled "Towards a unified wave model for designing, optimising and monitoring the materials of tomorrow".

He had defended his thesis: "Guiding high-order waves in composites: application to in-flight de-icing of helicopter blades" in 2015 at LTDS/Ecole Centrale de Lyon/LabEx CeLyA under the supervision of Mohamed Ichchou

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Contest the proof by the image

 Acoustic noise. When a space launcher lifts off, the blast is so intense that the sound waves generated can damage the structure of the launcher and the equipment it carries. In this image, obtained through numerical simulations, scientists have succeeded in faithfully reproducing the mechanisms at work during this deafening acoustic wave. Shown in orange on the image are the hot gas jets expelled when the engines are ignited. It is within these jets that vortex structures are driven at supersonic speeds, giving rise to these powerful shock waves. When they reach our ears, they cause a peculiar crackling sound similar to water thrown into boiling oil, called crackle.

Pierre Pineau, who defended his thesis at LMFA in 2018 and is currently an R&D engineer at EDF, took part in the CNRS "La preuve par l'image" scientific image competition in 2020.
His entry "Vacarme acoustique" was one of the 20 winners selected. This photo highlights his work with Christophe Bogey at LMFA in the field of acoustic wave simulation.

The scientific image competition "La preuve par l'image" was launched in 2010 in Canada by the Association canadienne-française pour l'avancement des sciences (Acfas).
Since 2019, the CNRS has joined this initiative and selects each year contributions in all scientific fields, which are then submitted to a jury and a public vote.

CNRS Picture Proof Competition, all information here