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Du 12 juillet 2021 au 16 juillet 2021

Udine - Italie

Advanced School coordinated by Habib Ammari - ETH-Zurich, Switzerland Agnès Maurel - Institut Langevin, Paris, France HYBRID FORMAT

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to well known techniques and to introduce more advanced, state-of-the-art techniques, able to tackle the challenges of the metamaterials by providing a mathematical framework able to explain the observed extraordinary properties of meta- structures and useful to help optimize these properties. These include transformation optics/ transformation elastodynamics, classical and modern homo- genization methodologies, asymptotic and spectral analysis, variational methods, layer potential techniques, as well as modern multi-mathematics. Particular attention will be paid to present practical applications that illustrate the workings and effectiveness of the introduced techniques and discussions on the breakthroughs and the remaining open questions on topical issues in acoustics, electromagnetism, elasticity and in the context of water waves. Bearing these objectives in mind, academic experimental studies as well as commercial devices will be presented during the course.
Overall this is a joint effort from a diverse group of lecturers working on different aspects of metamaterial modelling, to report the current state-of-the-art in the field and form ......


The registration fees are:
- Participation in presence, 600.00 Euro + VAT*
This fee includes a complimentary bag, four fixed menu buffet lunches (on Friday upon request), hot beverages, download- able lecture notes.
- Participation online, 250.00 Euro + VAT*
This fee includes downloadable lecture notes.
Applicants must apply at least one month before the begin- ning of the course. Application forms should be sent on-line through the following web site: http://www.cism.it. A message of confirmation will be sent to accepted participants. Applicants requiring assistance with the registration should contact the secretariat at the following email address: cism@cism.it.
Applicants may cancel their course registration and receive a full refund by notifying CISM Secretariat in writing (by email to cism@cism.it) no later than two weeks prior to the start of the course.
Cancellation requests received during the two weeks prior to the start of the course will be charged a 50.00 Euro handling fee. Incorrect payments are also subject to a 50.00 Euro handling fee.
A limited number of participants from universities and research centres who are not supported by their own institutions can be offered lodging and/or board, if available, in a reasonably priced hotel or student guest house.
Requests should be sent to CISM Secretariat by May 12, 2021 along with the applicant's curriculum and a letter of rec- ommendation by the head of the department or a supervisor confirming that the institute cannot provide funding. Preference will be given to applicants from countries that sponsor CISM.
Information about travel and accommodation is available on the web site www.cism.it, or can be mailed upon request.
* where applicable (bank charges are not included) Italian VAT is 22%.

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Habib Ammari - ETH, Zürich, Szwitzerland
6 lectures on:
Subwavelength resonances; Hybridization of subwavelength reso- nances; Metasurfaces; Double-negative metamaterials; Subwave- length bandgaps; Topological metamaterials.
Sébastien Guenneau - Imperial College, London, UK
5 lectures on:
Locally resonant structures in electromagnetism and elastodynamics. Electromagnetic metamaterials; Transformation optics for invisibility cloaks and twisted waveguides; Plasmonics and structured surfac- es. Acoustic metamaterials; Localised modes in arrays of split ring resonators; Phononic band gap guidance in arrays of elastic fibers; Transformation elastodynamics for flexural waves.
Agnès Maurel - Institut Langevin, Paris, France
6 lectures on:
Introduction to the classical homogenization of massive periodic structures; effective materials. Higher order homogenization of finite extend structures, derivation of unusual transmission/boundary con- ditions; the case of laminar structure; Segev’s anomalies in electro- magnetism. Homogenization for water waves, sea-bed structuration and floating structure with subwavelength structuration. Homogeniza- tion of seismic metamaterials; shielding effect.
Kim Pham - IMSIA, ENSTA ParisTech, France
6 lectures on:
Homogenization of non-resonant meta-surfaces/meta-films: the case of a thin array of penetrable inclusions and of roughnesses: effectives models, variational bounds and applications. Homogeniza- tion of resonant meta-film with highly-contrasted material/geometric properties. Resonances of the Mie type, of the Helmholtz type and of the Minnaert type.
Sanghyeon Yu - Korea University, Seoul, South Korea
6 lectures on:
Muller's method; Green's functions, and layer potential techniques; Spectrum of Neumann-Poincaré operator and plasmonic reso- nances; Elastic metamaterials; Computations of subwavelength bandgaps; Near cloaking and anomalous resonances; Quantitative imaging in near-field optics.
Hai Zhang - HKUST, Hong Kong
6 lectures on:
Super-resolution in high-contrast media; Super-resolution by using a system of subwavelength resonators; Super-resolution using plasmonic spectroscopic data; Scattering and field enhancement of a perfect conducting narrow slit; Scattering by a periodic array of subwavelength slits: the homogenization regime; Scattering by a periodic array of subwavelength slits: the diffraction regime.

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