Scientific concert by the Ophonius group

musical journey into the world of sound physics

The Laboratoire Centre Lyonnais d'Acoustique (LabEx CeLyA) of the University of Lyon will organise on December 2, 2022, 2 SCIENTIFIC CONCERTS "a musical journey into the world of sound physics" for high school students in the Lyon region.

On this occasion, the Ophonius Group, composed of 3 professional musicians and 2 musicians/teacher-researchers from the University of Maine (Le Mans) will present the physical phenomena of acoustics based on the perception that the spectator can experience.

The physical phenomena at the origin of this perception will then be analysed thanks to "live" experiments and multimedia supports (photos, videos, animations) commented by the teachers-researchers in acoustics and supported by the sound ambiances and the original music of the group.

This FREE concert is subject to registration and is subject to availability.
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