Scientific concert by the Ophonius group


For the past two years, the Laboratoire Centre Lyonnais d'Acoustique (LabEx CeLyA) at the University of Lyon, in collaboration with the Groupe Ophonius, has been offering scientific concerts for local secondary school students.

This group, created some 20 years ago and made up of 3 professional musicians and 2 musicians/teacher-researchers from the Université du Maine (Le Mans), offers "scientific concerts" for the general public.

The group's original music, somewhere between jazz and world music, takes the listener by the hand to explore his or her own perception of the world of sound.
The "scientific concerts" show invites listeners to discover the physical phenomena that generate this perception, to quantify it, to protect themselves from it when it becomes unpleasant, or to shape matter to make it pleasant.

Technically speaking, this show presents the physical phenomena of acoustics, relying initially on the spectator's own perception.
The physical phenomena behind this perception are then analyzed using live experiments and multimedia supports (photos, videos, animations) commented on by the acoustics teacher-researchers and supported by the group's original soundscapes and music.

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Edition 2024

Two Concerts proposed in collaboration with the Phoxasone Association and the Lycée Aux Lazaristes La Salle, organized on January 31, 2024, at the Aux Lazaristes La Salle school, in front of more than 500 students from the Lyonnaise region.

Edition 2022

Two Concerts proposed in collaboration with the University of Le Mans(*) (LAUM) and the Espace Culturel Saint Marc, organized on December 2, 2022, at the Théâtre Sainte Hélène, in front of more than 500 Lycée students from the Lyonnaise region.

This concert was realized thanks to the financial support of the LABEX CeLyA (ANR-10-LABX-0060) of the University of Lyon, within the framework of the Plan France 2030 set up by the State and managed by the National Research Agency (ANR) as well as the FEDER (*)Pays de la Loire plan set up by the European Union.